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Casual outfits

In this section, you can find all the essentials depending on the type of event that awaits you in a more casual way but without being elegant. You can take a look at the best looks for daytime weddings. In this type of event, it is very common to wear headdresses as well as bright and cheerful dresses. You can find simple headdresses for daytime weddings to elegant long dresses.

Sunsets, orange skies, and feelings on the surface. As well as daytime weddings, we find those wonderful evening weddings that make the occasion an unforgettable event. You will discover marvelous accessories, long skirts, jumpsuits with sophisticated designs...

Another event that, without a doubt, deserves our best clothes is baptisms and communions. Find your christening guest look in this section both for a christening in winter and a christening in summer in a more casual way if the event allows it. If you have any doubts, our team of stylists will tell you how to dress for a christening. There is also space for communions, both communion dresses for mothers as headdresses, accessories, or shoes.

What would this section be without space for parties and graduations? Both guests and protagonists have to dress the best for such a special event. Long party dresses, party tops, and trouser sets, like this set from Invitada Perfecta, elegant party skirts... Everything that is in your mind becomes a reality in this section. As well as ideal prom dresses for the leading lady and prom mother dresses. No one will be left without wearing the best in amazing events.

Our casual section is designed so that you can wear the looks for events in a less formal way, but you can also reuse them in your everyday life.

We work to make you the perfect guest depending on the type of event you have!

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