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Pamelas and hats

Get ready to dazzle at every occasion with the unparalleled sophistication and style of our pamelas for guest events. At INVITADISIMA, we understand that being the perfect guest is more than just attending; it's about standing out with a unique and glamorous presence.

Do you want to be an original guest and wear a hat as the main accessory in your next event? We help you to choose your favorite! 

Choosing a complement like this, can give a total twist to your look. Remember that you can always wear it in daytime events and make sure it is comfortable. Hats are headdresses that give sophistication and glamour to the looks if you know how to combine and wear them properly. But that's why we are here, to help you choose the perfect one. 

You have several types available: tight-fitting, more or less wide brim, different materials, designs, ornaments ... Remember that you can play with this depending on the clothes you have decided to wear, because if, for example, the look is already quite overloaded, it would be correct to choose a simple and minimalist hat. In the other case, if you have chosen a plain outfit without much exuberance, you can choose one that has more ornamentation, it will be a great look!

You can also find hats that will be ideal to wear in your day to day with your more casual looks. Take the opportunity to choose a versatile one that you can use for both occasions, it will be the purchase of the year!

The hat is a complement that you can wear with multiple hairstyles, for guests we always recommend with loose hair or low updo. It will be very elegant and together with the dress, suit or outfit, you will be the perfect guest!

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