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Midi dresses

Midi dresses are perfect for any occasion, you can combine them in a way that makes it special for an event or if you prefer them more comfortably for a more informal occasion. You can wear it with endless combinations such as jackets or blazers, heels or trainers and even in winter with boots. If you wear heels with these midi dresses, it will give the impression that you are taller thanks to the cut of the dress above the ankle, something that looks great on all types of women. You will be the perfect and simple guest.

 This type of dress cut has the virtue that you can wear it in a sophisticated or casual way with the right combination. They have been around since the 1950s when the glamorous film stars of the time dared to wear a dress that showed off their curves but barely skimmed their knees.

It has an advantage of a comfort compared to long dresses, and that is that with this dress you can wear high heels or even walk long distances without problems since it avoids these situations. Another advantage over short dresses is that you can wear them for both day and evening weddings. 

In INVITADISIMA you can find midi dresses for events where you can be the special guest, as with the dresses of one of our favorite brands, Oksana Mukha, which uses fabrics such as tulle to make beautiful dresses that will not let you go unnoticed at the event you attend as a guest. Although this brand is having a lot of success with dresses in fluorescent colors as a second wedding dress. 

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