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Civil Marriage and Second wedding dress

Buying a civil wedding dress does not have to be the same as not wearing the dress of your dreams.

If there's one good thing about your wedding day, it's that it's your day and you can wear whatever you like. You don't have to give up that dress you had imagined.

Many brides ask us if it would be right to wear a dress like a bride getting married in a church. And from INVITADISIMA we say YES. Because nowadays, there is no big difference between a civil wedding in a courthouse, in a garden wedding, or in a church. 

We are delighted to be able to participate in that day with many of the dresses we have available on the web, we offer our advice completely free of charge. 

In the sense of civil weddings, we have on the web wedding dresses that can be more sober and appropriate for certain places. Or if you wish, wedding dresses with open backs or even with rhinestones on the front of the dress, making you shine with your own light.

Who said second dresses had to be white?

When it comes to second dresses there is no protocol to follow, you can wear whatever you want. Even in colors other than white. We already have several brides, who this year, are going to dare or have already done it, to use as a second dress of their wedding a tulle dress with fluorine colors.

It may have crossed your mind to wear a short second wedding dress, because if it is very hot on your wedding day you may feel more comfortable with one that has less volume and is also shorter than the traditional wedding dresses with tails.  On the web, you can find all styles, lengths, colors, and details, but if you need advice, we have at your disposal a team of stylists to whom you can write and tell your case: [email protected]

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