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At INVITADISIMA we are aware that every event needs a dress according to the situation. That is why, in this sense, we would like you to take a look at the selection we have personally made of the options we give you. These dresses are characterised by having very specific measurements, generally, the length of the dress is down to the feet. You may have the possibility of adding a train to the dress if the event requires it, such as your brother's or sister's wedding, your best friend's wedding or you may be the main bridesmaid and want to stand out from the other bridesmaids.
As for the occasion to wear this type of garments, they are especially perfect for evening events. It is protocol to wear long dresses if you have a wedding that is in the afternoon and will last until the evening. They can be dresses that sparkle and with sequins as they would not be out of place at night. But if you are having a daytime wedding, it is protocol to wear short dresses or also known as cocktail dresses.
Our team of professional stylists has a clear objective when choosing the brands that are going to enter in INVITADISIMA: Quality in the fabrics and design in the products. In this section you will have the opportunity to delight yourself with an endless number of designs in their fabrics, such as printed, plain, metallic or multicoloured. Once the length of these dresses is defined, designers have to use their imagination to prepare unique designs.
At INVITADISIMA we were born with a purpose and we are achieving it. We are being able to gather in the same platform thousands of combinations for a guest of any event. We could not be prouder to bring together national and international brands adapted to all budgets and demands of the guests. We have no doubt that you will be the perfect guest!
We have a wide range of dresses where you can find your perfect dress.

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