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Skirts and trousers

Skirts and trousers are a fantastic option for guests and brides. They will help you to look different and stylish and to be able to combine them with tops and blouses with more personal and stylish styles. 

This year the two pieces are very trendy, and they don't have to be set, but you can combine them with different colors and textures so you can shine and be true to your style without losing elegance and sophistication.

In this section, you can find a wide variety of skirts, both in lengths such as long skirts or midi skirts, as well as in design such as pleated skirts, tulle skirts, or even leather skirts. All of them are designed exclusively for all those guests who want to look their best at their upcoming events. 

On the other hand, as for trousers, you will be able to enjoy them in a wide range of possibilities. You will find both flared trousers and palazzo trousers, without forgetting the wide women's trousers that are so fashionable at the moment. As we all know, fashions are cyclical. 

This is true in terms of cut and length, but you are also lucky enough to enjoy their designs. These range from printed designs with a unique pattern to plain or multi-colored designs. Not to mention all those elements such as sequins or shiny fabrics to give a more modern touch to your perfect guest look. 

Remember that the easiest option to combine, as we have already mentioned, are the tops and blouses, also available in INVITADISIMA. We couldn't be happier to continue offering you everything you need, adapting to any market requirement, presenting you this section of trousers and skirts. All the comfort of shopping in a multi-brand platform for you, guest, you will be the sensation of the event!

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