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Long faux fur stole in deep black - Perfect Guest

Lauren Lynn London Accessories
€31.50 €35.00
Wear this stunning long faux fur stole in deep black as Sandra Majada - Perfect Guest at your next event. Make the perfect guest look with this star accessory that will be a hit this autumn and winter. Limited editions. Our stylist recommends: For your next event shine with this ideal stole that you can combine with essential pieces like the golden...
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Snake weave printed trench coat

This beautiful snake print trench coat is ideal to combine with any kind of look, to give it that touch of elegance and style. A totally on-trend and timeless garment, it's sure to end up being your favourite jacket in your wardrobe! Our stylist recommends: Combine this trench coat with a complement that completes the look, such as this mini bag in...
Ideal and very wearable two-tone beige trench coat with prince of wales print. This coat has everything to make you stand out, front buttons, side pockets, lapel, and belt to adjust. Perfect for semi-formal events or a very special gift for a loved one. Combine earth tones or contrast tones like this midi party dress with a side slit. Before making...
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Beige trench coat with snake print

Stunning snake print trench coat. This trench coat is perfect for adding a touch of design, distinction, and elegance to your outfit. This trench coat is two-tone and combines two shades of camel and snake fabric on the top and sleeves. Before making your purchase, please check if your product is in stock or if the message is made to order. If you have...
A spectacular nuribel trench coat perfect for your day-to-day or semi-formal events. Made in two very elegant tones, ecru and beige, it will add a touch of style to your daily outfits. It has all the details, two rows of buttons to close it, and two straps on the sleeves so you can tuck them in if you want to give it a more casual look. If you are...
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Rabbit coat with maroon fur and short sleeves

Lauren Lynn London Accessories
€103.50 €115.00
Ideal rabbit coat with maroon fur and short sleeves. This spectacular coat has a high collar and hidden pockets. Fastening with fur belt loop. A very special garment that you can wear at events such as weddings, baptisms, communions, and even as a gift for a loved one. Our stylist recommends: This fur coat for guests or for an everyday look you can get...
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Brown and beige rabbit fur coat with cuffs and pockets

Lauren Lynn London Accessories
€211.50 €235.00
Dazzling brown and beige rabbit fur coat with cuffs and pockets. The closure of this amazing coat for guests or for everyday wear has a fur brooch. It's perfect for weddings, christenings and more and will make you shine as the perfect guest. Our stylist recommends: This stunning guest coat made of rabbit fur can be combined with special outfits such...
Printed waterproof mackintosh with hood. Protect yourself from the rain like a fashionista thanks to this waterproof mackintosh with hood, it also has pockets where you can protect your hands from the rain and wind.  Our stylist recommends: This beautiful mackintosh will be your best ally in the autumn days. Its colours will make you fall in love with...
Floral print trench coat and flared skirt with boards.  This trench coat is composed of a more fitted top with a hood and a lower part in the form of a flared skirt with boards that will give movement as you walk.  Our stylist recommends:  With this trench coat you will look like the perfect guest even on the rainiest of days. Elegant and...
Waterproof cape with floral print and ruffles. This waterproof cape is perfect for autumn-winter events. The ruffles on the sleeves make it unique and the colour makes it a perfect match for any look.  Our stylist recommends:  You will be the perfect guest even on rainy days. The ruffles on the sleeves give it a very elegant and feminine touch. You can...
Waterproof matte trench coat with floral print.  This long sleeved, hooded trench coat is perfect for daytime events such as communions and christenings.  Our stylist recommends: Beautiful, feminine and elegant, this trench coat fits your figure thanks to the lace-up belt that goes around it. It will be your best ally in any look, whether in your day...
Blue peplum trench coat with lilac flower print.  Beautiful waterproof mackintosh with hood perfect for daytime weddings, communions and baptisms. Our stylist recommends: Feminine and elegant, this trench coat will be your best ally for both morning events and everyday wear. It is perfect to combine with this violet knotted headband.
Waterproof mackintosh with flower print hood and long sleeves. Beautiful emerald mackintosh with fuchsia flowers, the perfect complement to all your looks.  Our stylist recommends: This trench coat will bring all the colour you need to your everyday looks as well as formal events. Pair it with this pink leather mini handbag.
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Floral print trench coat with bow detail

Floral print trench coat with bow detail. This waterproof trench coat will give your looks a feminine yet understated touch. Its white and turquoise flowers will provide the necessary touch of colour to make it a simple yet elegant piece.  Our stylist recommends: Its shoulder tie and hood make this trench coat stand out from the rest. You can wear it...
Fuchsia floral print trench coat with long sleeves.  This elegant trench coat will be the perfect accessory for daytime weddings, christenings and communions.  Our stylist recommends:  The trench coat is a timeless garment. Perfect for any event or to add elegance to your everyday looks. You can combine it with this bougainvillea cocktail dress.
Long coat/jacket made in Tweed with jewel buttons, and flaps. Available in black and white. A minimalist coat that reminds us of the Maison Chanel. Perfect for your day to day, but also as a coat in your formal events. Our stylist recommends: Add style and classic touch to your look with this long tweed coat/jacket. It will look even more stylish...
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