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Curvy party dresses

At INVITADISIMA we have made a selection of curvy party dresses. These dresses are characterized by being of large size, which go from 46 to 60. Selected with fine styling criteria so that they are perfect dresses to wear in upcoming events such as baptisms, weddings, communions, and graduations so emblematic and characterized in spring and summer seasons. This selection has been made in part thanks to the best national and international brands that INVITADISIMA has on its website, offering the best possibilities to dress the guests. Normally, you find curvy products for weddings very sober and that doesn't go with your personality, so don't worry, we have youthful and stylish curvy dresses.

The American brand Kiyonna was born back in the mid-90s with a clear objective: to offer dresses that meet the latest fashion trends in plus sizes. And it seems to be achieving it in the best of ways. The selection of all these curvy party dresses has been made by our team of stylists. This professional team of stylists is at the disposal of you, our guests. Be sure to ask any questions to our professionals, who will be happy to answer your little questions - no question is less important in the world of fashion! 

We also have other spectacular brands that make curvy guest dresses such as Pollardi which has some wonderful designs with tulle dresses, and cut dresses, Gastby with a 60s style, Nuribel if you want a more traditional dress and many more brands that we have, their size guide appears at the bottom of the product, so you can orientate yourself. But if your measurements do not fit with the size guide, many of our brands make the product to your measurements, because being fashionable is not incompatible with the size of your body.

Plus size dresses can be combined with a wide variety of accessories such as earrings, headdresses, tiaras, necklaces... At INVITADISIMA we have everything you need to complete your perfect guest look. Be sure to go to your next event as the occasion deserves. The best selection of curvy party dresses is made by the best professionals to make you feel unique and special in your next event. From INVITADISIMA we have no doubt about it, you will be the perfect guest! Take a look at the Kiyonna brand, so you don't miss anything new. 

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