Long earrings disc malachite gold plate

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Long earrings with malachite disc and gold plate - Kleopatra Green.

I love these long Lavani earrings. The combination of the green malachite disc and the gold plate creates original and sophisticated earrings.

They look great with a hairstyle that's tied back in, say, a braid or an Italian chignon to make them look better. They are the perfect complement for any kind of formal event such as weddings, parties, baptisms.

No doubt you will succeed with this earring design and become the perfect guest. 


Long earrings with malachite disc and gold plate - Kleopatra Green.




At INVITADISIMA we offer you the largest selection of national and international brands so that you can dazzle at your next event.

Lavani joyas is a unique Spanish jewellery brand. At Lavani they design each and every one of their jewels, using noble metals and natural stones. Each collection involves an elaborate production process. And it is this delicate and long process that gives essence to their jewels.

Each piece of jewellery is handcrafted, with the stones cut and set by hand. Sometimes, the "raw" stone is used, that is to say, just as nature provides it to us. Other times, they cut it and add facets, to give them shine. Cutting the stones is a very laborious process, but it brings personality and sophistication to each of Lavani's jewels.

For all this and much more, Lavani was a brand that could not be missed at INVITADISIMA. We love it! and we are sure you will love it too!


Bronze with 24-carat gold.


Malachite is a stone that crystallizes in the form of striations. It is a mineral formed by copper deposits, forming nodules or radiated masses. As a curiosity, archaeological finds from the clothes of the pharaohs used to include malachite.



Please note that since we work with natural stone, the exact colours may vary slightly from the image shown.

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