At INVITADISIMA you will find all the information you need for your next eventbe it a wedding, communion, graduation, baptism or a party.


Fashion has no secret for us, and from now on, neither for you.



If you have an event and don't know what to wear you might want to check our  Blog, where you will find articles, tendencies and advise on fashion, as well as the latest news about the trends of the industry. You can enter in contact with our stylist service.


Sending a mail at ESTILISTAS@INVITADISIMA.COM with the title: SOS estilistas  and we will advise you on what would fit you the best, what should you wear, as well as giving you more options of party dresses, shoes, accesories, hearrings and purses.

Please let us know:

  • ¿What type of event are you attending?
  • ¿When is the event?
  • ¿What are you looking for or what would you like to wear?
  • You measurements or stature(If you could send us a picture it would be perfect!)


There are plenty of things to consider at the time of dressing up for an event. We will focus on making you feel fabulous and satsified about your final choice.

In order to councel you we will consider:

  1. Your body type and size.

    Qué me pongo según mi tipo de cuerpo - INVITADISIMA
  2. The type of event you will attend and how formal it is.

    Bodas, bautizos y comuniones. Estilistas gratuitos


  3. The tones that favor you the most, depending on your hair color, bone structure and skin tone.

    Tonos que quedan bien según tu cara -  servicio de estilistas gratuito

If you have a special event please don't hesistate to contact us.


We would love to work on your look with you.

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