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List of products by brand Bombay Sunset

Bombay Sunset, your jewellery brand for guests that will leave you speechless and you will want to show off in all your events as the perfect guest.

Bombay Sunset is a brand of accessories that will surely help you in your next perfect guest look. Their products have been designed to evoke the most essential human feelings such as a natural smile or the tranquillity that comes from watching the sunset with your special someone.

These accessories range from earrings. Bridal earrings, evening wedding earrings or even bridesmaid earrings. To rings, bracelets, and necklaces. All are designed with the utmost delicacy and craftsmanship.

Whether you buy earrings for an evening wedding or earrings with natural stones in Bombay Sunset, from INVITADISIMA we are sure that you will not be disappointed. With a party dress, you will be the guest that everyone wants to have at their event.

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