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Mono Crepé Philippa Mono Crepé Philippa 2
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Jumpsuits and Tailoring

Mono Crepé Philippa

Lauren Lynn London
Mono de fiesta
€269.04 €336.30

The Fashion industry is known for it's seasons and trends. The best Spanish and international brands are at  INVITADISIMA and all have their customs and release planning when it comes to their seasonsal releases be it for winter,summer,autumn or spring. Nevertheless it doesn't mean that products from past seasons are not at the vanguard of style and rafinement thanks to their timeless designs.

That 's why our professional stylist team as gathered all the fantastic products from past seasons under this label ‘outlet’,available at a lower price. We have to highlight that our Outlet dresses, like all our products, have the quality and the rafinement of all the products featured on INVITADISIMA.

Encounter outlets dresses for all events like baptisms, communions as well as parties. Discover the best offers for you to shine in your next event.

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