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Cocoove was designed by Ria, with elegant and confident women in mind to wear from day to night. An affordable luxury label made in the UK with attention to detail.

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Cocoove is another British brand at INVITADISIMA. Its founder, Ria, had a clear vocation from the beginning. The lines of the brand were clear. An avant-garde and timeless wardrobe for women to wear on different occasions.

The process of making the dress follows a delicate process. Firstly, the garments are designed. Always with elegance as a maxim. Then we move on to the manufacturing process in which the fabrics are digitally printed. As for the materials, the quality and texture of the fabrics are highlighted, as they come from Europe.

The United Kingdom continues to set trends on our website and at INVITADISIMA we can't be more excited about it. We are improving day by day to offer you the best guest look possible.

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