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Suede party bag with glass decoration

Something Blue
€60.00 €100.00
Suede party bag with glass decoration Guest party bag. Handbag made under a suede fabric. As for the design, its square crystal stone stands out as the main ornament of the same. The bag includes a chain.  Our stylist recommends:  A beautiful bag as all Something Blue designs. Be sure to combine it with your shoes and get the perfect guest look. Ideal...
Stone-covered lounge shoe with a stone clip Party shoes. Shoes made with a stone clip design at the tip, as well as an unheeled bottom. For your comfort, it includes a rubber floor. 9-centimetre heel. Our stylist recommends:  Elegant and sophisticated these shoes are ideal to combine with a wedding guest dress. They are perfect for weddings, baptisms...
€66.00 €110.00
Party sandals with glossy design  Guest sandals. Sandals made with a shining design. Its leather interior stands out, as well as a platform and a gel insole for greater comfort.  Our stylist recommends:  This is Something Blue's most festive design. They are ideal to combine with this short party dress. You'll be the perfect guest at your next event....
€63.00 €105.00
Pumps shoes with openings on the sides where your skin is visible. It is available in the colors mint and coral perfect for any time of year. You can find it in two very spring colours: mint (suede fabric) or coral (leather fabric). Our stylist recommends:  We love these new shoes, they are elegant, sophisticated and perfect for an event like an...
€84.00 €105.00
Clear vinyl flat shoes Salon shoes for guests. Party shoes with a transparent design and a pointy finish. Other details such as half leather, rubber floor for safety and 9 cm heel.  Our stylist recommends:  You will be the perfect guest with your lounge shoes. Be sure to combine them with these party earrings and this wonderful wedding guest dress....
€100.00 €125.00
Stone dress salon shoe with a heel Salon shoe for guests. A shoe with a heeled design, it has a leather fabric on the outside and on the inside of the shoe. As for the toe, it stands out for its stone finish. The heel of 9 centimetres. Our stylist recommends:  These lounge shoes will be your must to complete your guest look. Due to its elegance and...
€95.00 €135.00
Fancy suede party shoes that you can find in three colors: pale pink, gray and black. It is adorned with a square stone on the toe, matching the color of the skin. Our stylist recommends: These shoes are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your look. Combine it with this short dress that shows off your shoes and you'll be the...
€66.00 €110.00
Lounge shoes with asymmetrical sides Party shoes. Shoes manufactured with a heeled design, as well as asymmetrical sides. One side is open; the other side is closed. As for the grip, it stands out for having a zipper on the instep.   Our stylist recommends:  Like most of the shoes in his new collection, these stand out for their elegance. They are...

Golden leather party sandals

Something Blue
54112 - KALA
€40.00 €80.00
Golden leather party sandals  Guest party sandals. Sandals made under a leather fabric, as well as an interior made of leather. It has a leather sole and a gel insole for greater comfort. The heel of 9 centimetres. Our stylist recommends:  I love these party sandals to complete the look of a perfect guest. Thanks to their golden colour and design, they...
Salon shoes with side wave design Party shoes. Shoes made with a side wave design. Shoe available in three colours: light blue, mint and pink. As for the sole, it is made of rubber and the heel is 9 centimetres.  Our stylist recommends:  I love the design of these Something Blue shoes. They are elegant yet beautiful. You can combine it with this...
€72.00 €90.00
Fuchsia lounge shoe with square glass decoration. Its original asymmetric sides stand out, one side is open and the other is closed.  Our stylist recommends: These women's shoes are a type of shoe that can accompany you in special events such as weddings or baptisms. They are daring and sophisticated, perfect to combine with this lilac-colored wedding...

Nude heeled lounge shoe with pebbles

Something Blue
3806 - Olimpia
€72.00 €90.00
Clear vinyl lounge shoes with a stone decoration on the T-shaped grip. Our stylist recommends:  This shoe is very versatile for both day and night events, it all depends on the combination you choose. I am sure that with this combination that these shoes with this green cocktail dress in crepe
€48.00 €80.00
Suede party shoes with double crystal bow these elegant suede heeled lounge shoes. Available in sky blue and fuchsia. And it's adorned with a double bow of crystals in the same colour as the leather. Our stylist recommends: Combine these beautiful lounge shoes with matching accessories like these earrings. You will shine with your own light
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