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Margarita Sangiovanni

Margarita Sangiovanni was born from the deepest Neapolitan heart of Italy. This brand was born with the hope of making headdresses and tiaras full of dreams and it is succeeding.

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Margarita Sangiovanni was born in a small and picturesque village called Salerno. Thus began the journey of the new brand of headdresses and tiaras for guests that joins INVITADISIMA.

Margarita Sangiovanni creates designs for restless, non-conformist, feisty, and generous guests. In her designs we can highlight the originality of her products and, in all the headdresses and tiaras for guests, the virtues of Margarita Sangiovanni are reflected. 

Margarita is currently living in Seville, so the whole process of making headdresses and tiaras is carried out with the greatest of care, in a pure artisan way.

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