Golden party earrings - Blue Gran Via

Golden party earrings - Blue Gran Via

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Guest earrings gilded with natural stone inlaid with blue

Bring these spectacular earrings to your events and parties this season, they are an ideal complement to highlight your guest looks.

Our stylist recommends:

These earrings are the perfect complement since they highlight any guest look and are ideal for events and weddings, its lilac stone will match with a look in the same tone, or in neutral tones to give it a touch of color, you can incorporate accessories in the same both bags and shoes.  No doubt you will be the perfect guest,


Guest earrings gilded with natural stone inlaid with blue by Acus in INVITADISIMA

These earrings are made of 24 carat gold plated bronze, the natural stone faceted and oval at the top, ideal to wear as a complement and enhance your guest looks at weddings, parties and special events, you will achieve a look breakthrough and daring.


Pendientes de fiesta azul- Gran vía negro


At INVITADISIMA we offer you the largest selection of national and international brands so that you can dazzle at your next event.

Acus works with craftsmen from different places who make the designs they create a reality. They work with excellent materials and finishes to live together in a variety of styles and cultures.


Dimensions pending: 3.9 in diameter

Material: 24k gold plated brocade, natural stone in ruby tone  


Take care of your ACUS earrings as they came to you on the first day. Use water and a dry cloth to clean them and store them in tulle or velvet bags so that they do not rub against any other material.


Did you know that I was made in Spain?

I am made only to fulfill your dream of being a guest

You can wear these earrings at any special event to feel unique and elegant.

You can wear me in your most special moments having a memory for life.

Pendientes de fiesta azul- Gran vía azul

Acus is a new brand of handmade jewelry and fashion accessories. Acus offers you a wide range of accessories at affordable prices to always be up to date. They work with artisans from different places who make the wonderful designs they come up with. Their high quality and the excellent materials and finishes they make are a safe bet for your events and to look like your guest looks like nobody else.


They also export accessories from different corners of the world, which makes ACUS a variety of styles and cultures, which enriches its catalog. They adapt to the trends of the moment but always preserved the beauty of the pieces, their joy and freshness.

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