Long party dress in pastel pink tulle with embroidered tattoo effect sleeves - Macarena Silt

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Long party dress in pastel pink tulle with embroidered tattoo effect sleeves.

This spectacular long party dress screams fantasy. Made of natural silk tulle in pastel red and long sleeves with tattoo effect that incorporate embroidery in different pastel shades. A real work of art to be the guest that everyone will want to have at their events.

Our stylist recommends:

We can not with this dress, is pure dream of any guest who wants to wear it on your most special occasion. It dazzles with accessories that are not so overloaded because the dress speaks for itself. 


Long party dress in pastel pink tulle with sleeves embroidered tattoo effect by Auguro Sempre in INVITADISIMA.

Pastel pink silk tulle

Long sleeve tattoo effect bodice

Embroidery in mauve, light blue and green.

Zippered and buttoned on the mesh

All dresses take between 2-3 months to manufacture. Delivery time 1-5 working days. (Consult for express manufacturing)




At INVITADISIMA we offer you the largest selection of national and international brands so that you can dazzle at your next event.

Auguro S is always born after a conversation between friends living in Spain for about 30 years. Among them: 'I would like to get married but the dress is very expensive', 'I would love to look like a princess but the investment is exorbitant', 'I prefer a simple dress and to spend the money on my honeymoon'...

Among many phrases like these in Mary's head (Mery Madrina) for days, lover of weddings and parties, all the halo that surrounds that special day and after many television programs with girls telling how would be her ideal dress, decided to open this empire of guest and bride fashion for all of you.


Manufacturing time 2 months.

Delivery time from 1 to 5 working days.


To keep your Auguro S dress always like the first day, follow the instructions shown on the label. We recommend dry cleaning.


I have been designed, patterned and made in Spain

I'm perfect to show off on any of your special occasions.

I feel like a glove and many will envy you.

You can take me to weddings, baptisms, communions, parties and countless other events.


For days many phrases like those circuled around in the head of Maria (Mery Madrina), lover of weddings and parties, the whole halo that surrounds that special day and after many television shows with girls telling how her ideal dress would be, they decided to open this fashion empire of guest and girlfriend for all of you.

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